The First Step Show

How it came about

In 2015, social workers from Paihia, Central, North and West Auckland have been liaising with our Trust Dramatherapist and HTA youth leaders on how to address the issues surrounding youth homelessness on the streets of Auckland. This is an ongoing project which has given light to a wider issue of dispossessed youth in New Zealand.

Hours were spent on the streets and in the community talking to those who have found themselves living on the streets. Some of this me was also spent shadowing people and organisa ons in the community who are currently working with our vulnerable people such as the Salva on Army with their Soup nights or Jamie a free-lance photographer who uses his passion for photography to tell stories of our Homeless.

We asked ourselves: What is the first step that we can take as individuals and as a community to make a difference in our world? 

So we created this performance to ask this ques on to our wider community: 

The First step

A collaboration bringing together people from all walks of life to create a platform of performance to empower and support our vulnerable people.

People involved were youth fresh out of the prison system, homeless people from Waitakere and the greater Auckland regions, people working with physical challenges, professional performers and people from all walks of life in the community.
A creative evening where stories, songs and poems were used to educate and inspire.

Some of the donations from the evening was put towards funding a food truck for the Homeless. Some of the funding was also put towards a creative venture to empower Youth at Risk.