This form of drama is a great vehicle for learning.
— Gail Waterhouse, Assistant Principal, Puhinui School

Inspired by Tama Jarman's award winning Short and Sweet Dance festival piece, 'No Strings' is a heart-warming tale of discovering your true worths despite negative oppressionism from those around you. Throughout this 40 minute tale, we explore themes of self worth and self discovery, all cleverly wrapped up in a playful comedy that kids love. This show has been touring for 3 years and has received many loving reviews. Such as:

You had everyone from year 1 – 8 fully engaged and delighted, and staff, myself included, laughing throughout.
— Wayne Leighton, Royal Road School.
Great to see some of our students who don’t laugh a lot with a huge smile on their faces.
— Lesley Gardner, Teacher, Starship Hospital

The show is presented along with an hour long workshop in which YOUR children get a chance to work alongside our industry professionals. Learning sweet skills and being put IN THE SHOW!!! 

Our workshop poster

Our workshop poster

Our current cast is: 

Ash Jones  The Puppetmaster!

Ash Jones

The Puppetmaster!

Justin Haiu  The Puppet!

Justin Haiu

The Puppet!

Nicola Bennett  The Little Girl!   

Nicola Bennett

The Little Girl!