Youth Coaching Workshops

The Underwater Hockey Youth Coaching(UWHYC) Level 1 Course emphasizes five principal components:

1. Basic Personal Safety - Coach and Players

2. Communication Skills

3. Underwater Hockey(UWH) Skills Sets

4. UWH Basic Rules

5. Organizing Your Coaching Session 

6. Practical Coaching Modules 

Youth Coach Elliot Snedden

Youth Coach Elliot Snedden

After Completion the first 5 components, Youth Coaches are given the hands-on opportunity to utilize their new skills base when they assist in the Snorkeling Skills Sessions and Intro the Underwater Hockey Program 

The emphasis on this program is teaching valuable life skills. Teamwork, leadership, respect, empathy and communication are the key points in this module. This is not a competitive focused sports program; it is about getting the youth involved in something that they might not otherwise choose. Underwater hockey is popular with individuals that don’t often play team sports or sports of any kind. These are the people that really respond to the opportunity, to challenge themselves in a safe supportive environment. Go the youth coaches!

HTA Trust offers a comprehensive introduction to Underwater Hockey. Learning components include UWH Water skills (turning, breathing, flicking the puck ) fitness training , advanced skills (positioning, attack/ defense) , covering rules, regulations and pool time revue.. Each team is be mentored by youth coaches overseen by the Youth Mentor.