International performer Justin Haiu, who performed in our show "No Strings Attached”, has created "Motuhake (I am Special)". It is adapted from his successful Aotea performances. 

The themes are caring, sharing, learning and resilience.

"Excellent! I fully endorse this show." - Trevor Diamond, Principal of Henderson South School where "Motuhake" was piloted earlier this year. 

The 45 minute show uses Pacific Island humor, interactive rap and acapella.

The 4 performers and Drama Therapist will be taking a 1 hour workshop with 20 children. The children are then incorporated into the show and perform in front of the school. The school chooses the children for the workshop. They may be those who are differently or creatively able or those who have had a bit of a rough go of things and would benefit from the mana and fun of taking part.

The season ran from the 16th March - 2nd of April 2015.


The Motuhake Series Presents: The Perfect Gift

The highly acclaimed show Motuhake has generated a new story; it's called 'The Perfect Gift'. The show/workshop is created by Justin Haiu (New Zealand Dance Company, Whiteface Crew, Lion King) and Jandel J & his Funky Friends.

What is it?

A professional show with Pacific Island actors, facilitators and role models and drama therapist, Maxine Donnellan. Like Motuhake, it also encompasses a workshop in which 20 selected children work for 1 hour with the facilitators to be incorporated into the show. The whole school then watches the show.


The story of brothers, in search of a gift worthy of the affection and appreciation they feel for their mother;  Join them in a whirlwind of fun bedroom antics, through war-zones, and on make believe flying carpets, in their pursuit of finding the perfect gift.

Key Competencies

The themes are caring, sharing, resilience and empathy. It also encompasses believing in yourself and having each other's back to create a positive outcome. "Don't give up, don't give in, you've got to hang on until you win."

The ‘perfect gift ‘isn't about how big it is, how grand it it, or how expensive and flash it is…it is about the heart of the gift…., the meaning of it, and the way in which it is given. While they can’t give her riches or treasures, what they finally discover is they can give her joy and love in the gift of a song. A song about her - a perfect gift


"Words cannot express our thanks for you and your team and the care you showed our students. The leadership programme you ran with our children was very personalised and relevant to their needs. The way you identified with our learners was more than we could have ever expected. So much so, that during your time with us one of our children felt safe enough to step forward and ask us for help. That fact that he knew how to ask for help and that he knew it was OK to ask and expect us to support him can 100% be linked to your programme. You, your team and your programme should be in ALL schools. Students all around New Zealand need exposure to steps they can take to finding themselves and links to support networks. It was a very powerful learning time for me too as a school leader. Thank you again for what you have shared with our children." - Paula Sadgrove (Teacher) - Glen Taylor School.

"It was not only great for the kids but it was also a wonderful reminder for our teachers about the power and effectiveness of learning through the creative medium." - Sarah McIntyre (Teacher) - Vauxhall School