Healing Through Arts has been going since 1994. We have taken professional theatre into hundreds of schools. We've done therapeutic theatre in communities all over the Auckland region. Currently we've developed the empowerment and leadership through sport programmes and every year, we provide therapeutic theatre, professional theatre and therapy programmes.

Our mandate is to integrate genius into the community for the good of all.

Maxine Donnellan trained as an actor and drama therapist in Australia and England. She was so inspired by the power of the creative process and how functional it was in making people feel powerful and validated that she created the Healing Through Arts Trust with Emily Hepburn, Terry Axford and Siobhan Hollings.

At the time, Terry was an international model, athlete, artist and businessman. Siobhan was a fashion designer specialising in outrageous costumes and fabulous sets. She ran a very successful catering company business for the film industry. Emily Hepburn was an artist, administrator and academic.

For the last 20 years we have been working in different communities and connecting with people from all walks of life.